Duroob (Ways, in Arabic)

We believe that helping young Arab adults to volunteer in a professional manner
according to the needs of their community
will promote the development of human and community resources
and help to advance social change in the Arab society as a whole.

In Duroob, we believe that providing equal opportunity is the key for building a shared Jewish Arab existence in Israel.
Meaningful Professional Volunteering

Participants volunteer in the mornings within the school system and in the afternoons in non-formal educational settings, according to the needs of the community, (40 weekly hours, 5 days a week). In addition, they lead various community projects.

Professional Volunteer Training

In the volunteer training, participants receive practical tools, enhance their self-esteem and ability to feel they are making a real difference through their volunteering work.

Education and Career Development

Information and tools that help our participants in planning their future careers, including learning skills and technological skills.

Personal and Group Mentoring

The group leader holds regular group meetings once every two weeks and personal sessions whenever needed, to follow through on the educational process. The participants are faced with their successes and challenges, leading to individual and group empowerment as part of the creation of a team that can bring about social change.

Shared Encounters

Participants examine values of society and identity, in a diverse group setting. .

Social Activities

Volunteers also go on tours, out-door activities and team building workshops

The Graduate Unit

Graduates of the Afak program who are interested in continuing to be socially involved can join Ma’ase’s Graduate Unit, which encourages young adults towards further education (through scholarships and courses) and helps them find suitable employment.

Who is Suitable for the Program?

The program is suitable for young people who are capable of working hard for their own future and the future of society. Participants must be between the ages of 18-23 with 12 year’s education (preferably holding a high school matriculation certificate)

Communities Where the Afak Program Takes Place:

Acre, Kamana, Wadi Salame, Dir Alasaad, Abitan, Raas Eli, Nahaf, Hawald, Husseina, Shaav, Baana, Sheih Danon, Majd Akrum, Zarzir, Bosmat Tivon, Zavidat, Halaf, Aksal, Nazereth, Aabelin, Mashaad, Mizra, Jadida-Mahar, Josh Gosh Halab, Kesifa, Toraan, Tarshiha.

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