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The Ma’ase graduate program offers its graduates the opportunity to join the mentoring program on completion of their academic and professional studies, with the aim of placing them in jobs with good prospects both in the private and public sector. At the same time, mentors who participate in the program are exposed to the world of volunteering, have the opportunity to help others and experience immense satisfaction and enjoyment.

The mentor and graduate develop a working relationship through which the graduate acquires tools to build his or her independent personal and professional life, receives guidance in defining goals and help in striving towards these goals as preparation for integration into the world of employment. The mentors can share their knowledge and experience helping the graduates to work towards realistic goals for personal and professional development.

Program Participants:

Young adults, graduates of Ma’ase volunteer programs, in their final year of studies or the year following as well as those who completed vocational studies and have been in employment for a year.
Leading mentors from the Israeli economy from a range of professions.

Program Structure:

  • Six-month program
  • Bi-weekly, one-to-one meetings between graduate and mentor to work on defined individual goals.
  • Mentors receive three training sessions a year.
  • Final celebratory session.

Does this sound interesting? Would you like to volunteer your time to mentor the future generation of employees, share your experience with those who need guidance, whilst spending quality time with a young adult at the start of their career? Now’s the time to sign up!

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