A pre-army volunteer-year and community Nachal program.
Named after Lieutenant General Refael Eitan,
the program is aimed at motivated committed young adults who wish to make social and personal change.

Eitan Program Components
Let’s get busy

A variety of volunteering options in education give the volunteer-year participants the opportunity to be there for someone else. Participants meet a variety of people and make significant connections through formal and non-formal educational settings.

Living as a group

Independent living in an apartment in the community, managing their own budget and becoming involved in the neighborhood.


Participants learn a variety of issues for their personal development, such as career and education development and issues revolving the values of a shared, civil society.

Mentoring and training

Seminars, workshops, professional volunteering training and personal mentoring, we provide volunteers with all the tools they need.


We give participants tools for leadership development through social action. Participants learn to take responsibility not just for themselves but for others in the community

Onwards to Nachal

At the end of the volunteer-year the group will enlist together in a Nachal unit whose soldiers serve in combat units, educational roles, and train to be officers. After a year and a half in the IDF, they continue onwards to another year of soldiers in the community.

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