Ma’ase in the Galilee

Our six-month pre-army preparatory program is aimed at high school graduates who are enlisting in March.
It is located in Tiberius and open to young adults from the Israel’s northern periphery.

Ma'ase in the Galilee Program Components
Broadening Horizons

The program provides enrichment classes with the best lecturers in fields such as: leadership, philosophy, heritage, innovations, Judaism, spoken Arabic and more.

Volunteering in The Community

Weekly volunteering in a range of settings: group leaders and mentors in youth clubs, providing educational help in boarding schools

Independent Group Living

The participants take an active role in decision making. They manage the schedule, build their budget for living expenses and learn life skills

Preparation for Military Command

Physical and mental training for military command and selection days. Coping under pressure, navigation and survival skills, meetings with officers and improving self-esteem.

Touring the Land

Outdoor trips in the North, South, dessert, camping and navigating and a final two-week trip crossing the country.

Personal and Group Mentoring

Participants receive personal and group mentoring and training within a family atmosphere.

Ma'ase Center Association

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