Yossi Malka

Born in Kiryat Shemona, B.A. in behavioral science from the University of Haifa, M.A. in Public Management from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Before joining Ma’ase, Yossi was CEO of the Tel-Hai College and CEO of AKIM. Yossi also headed the local council in Tzoran and the Sharon area and was a senior advisor in the office of the Minister of Edcuation Yossi Sarid, leading the education department of Kiryat Shemona. Yossi lives with his wife and four children in Mitzpe Netufa in the Lower Galilee.
Miki Nevo
Founder and CEO of Ma'ase during 2004-2013
Yaarit Ben Hamu
Inbal Ben Yair
Human Resource Manager
Dana Shaked
Partnerships Development Director
Galit Bukris
Director of Youth Programs and Shorashim
Yael Keren Raba
Director of the Graduate Unit and Ma'ase Olam
Hagit Ochayun
Director of the Next Step Program
Carmit Shachar
Deputy VP
Lital Stollersky
Director of Recruitment
Azzat Halabi
Director of Ne'urim
Daniel Velal
Manager of the Gal Academy and Volunteering Programs
Maggie Ben Lulu Refael
Director of the Eitan and Yachad Programs
Tal Galin
Director of the Bedouin Academy in the Galilee
Tom Faruhi
Director of the Ma'ase in the Galilee Program
Laila Hashivon
Director of the Afak Program
Heftzi Luverboim
Director of the Achva Program