The Board

Noam Lautman
Chairman of the Board

Noam is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Delta Galil Industries Ltd, Chairman of Wafra Media and a director in Bab Com Ltd. He is Chairman of the Lautman Family Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Ma’ase, a board member of Kav Mashve, and a member of the Tel Aviv University Board of Governors. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Tel-Aviv and an MBA from New York University.

Meir Elmaliah
Deputy Director General of the Rashi Foundation

Meir began his professional career as a teacher and educator in Dimona becoming a high school principal. Following this he began working within the local authority, specializing in financial planning and management. He has held many key roles in local authorities and municipalities such as CFO of Dimona local council, Chairman of the Dimona Development Foundation, treasurer of Lachish municipality and treasurer of Savion local authority. Meir ran the finance department of the Rashi Foundation from 1999 and in 2003 became their Deputy Director General.

Itamar Bartuv

Lawyer Itamar Bartuv, a social activist, has been Deputy CEO of El Al and Celcom for the past few years, lives in Mate Yehuda and helped set up the Mechina in Aderet amongst many other community projects.

Avi Hardon

Avi is the VP and Legal Advisor for the Rashi Foundation. He completed his law degree in London in 1995 followed by a business degree. After working for a Tel Aviv law firm specializing in tax and commerce he set up his own practice before joining the Rashi Foundation as their Legal Advisor in 2003. Avi heads the legal department and is responsible for contact with philanthropic partners, government offices, local authorities and other large organizations.

Galia Zalmonson

Dr. Galia Zalmonson Levi is a lecturer for education and social justice at the Kibbutzim College of Education and Ben Gurion University. In the past, she managed teacher training programs for educating towards social justice, managed the educational sector for youth advancement in the ministry of education, and played a major role in the establishment and running of learning centers within community centers. She is an activist and researches the field of feminist critical pedagogy.

Omer Tepper

Omer is Deputy CEO at Shaldor Strategic Consultancy Firm, which specializes in planning and executing breakthrough solutions. During his career, he has helped leading Israeli companies in defining strategic market policies both locally and globally. He has also advised government offices in planning and formulating significant reforms in the Israeli market. Omer has advised Ma’ase from the outset helping to consolidate strategies in 2006 that enabled the organization to develop and expand.
He holds a BSc. in mathematics and economics and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

David Meidan

David exports advanced Israeli strategic technologies throughout the world. His work has provided tremendous opportunities for leading Israeli industries and hi-tech companies. In addition, he founded two Israeli start-ups. Previously he held a senior Mossad position, fulfilling many operational and command posts.

Yael Neeman Barak

Yael holds a B.A in law and an M.A in criminology from the Hebrew University Jerusalem. As a lawyer, Yael worked for a number of years for a private firm specializing in civil and administrative law. She then chose to work in education, teaching civic studies and Judaism in high school.
As part of her work with NGO's she mentors organizations dealing with Jewish identity, ran the Haifa and Northern branches of Gesher and worked in the JDC's program Ashalim as a project manager for children and youth with special needs.
She is a graduate of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership and the Gvanim program dealing with Jewish pluralism. She is a board member for Aharai and Ma’ase.

Avi Nathan

Avi is a graduate of the computer science department of the Technion, Haifa and holds an MSc. in computer science. One of the founders of the Israeli Microsoft Development Center, he held the position of CEO from 2001-2007. As part of his work in the community he is a member of the board for Ye’adim LaTzafon and Ma’ase
Today Avi teaches mathematics in middle school and is involved in educational projects.

Itzik Turgeman

A former CEO of the Rashi Foundation – the biggest private foundation in Israel, dealing with education and welfare with an emphasis on the socio-geographic periphery. Amongst his former roles: President and CEO of Friends of Atidim, Head of the Socio-Security Branch in the Ministry of Defense, Head of the Department of Production Technology in the Intelligence Corps, released from the army with the rank of colonel. In addition he serves on the board of directors for the Technion, the Open University and 13 other NGO’s including Ma’ase.

Miki Nevo

Founder and CEO of Ma'ase during 2004-2013