The Greenhouse Groups

The Greenhouse Groups project applies all four principles for advancing a shared civil society, through multicultural encounters allowing participants to learn together about democratic values.

The Greenhouse groups provide a platform for social activism through multicultural encounters of volunteers from different sectors of society, allowing them to find a common ground to work effectively towards a common goal. The groups enable young adults to experience significant social activism and increase their awareness of issues that can be fought for together with groups from other sectors. The groups also provide the participants with skills for social action and methods of approach.

The project continues to develop the goals of the Shared Encounters Seminar.

Target Population

Main target population: Volunteer-year participants from the various Ma’ase programs, 200 young adults in small action groups of 20-30 participants.

Secondary target population: Children and youth who benefit from the project


  1. Building a value system whilst consolidating a feeling of identity and belonging to community and society.
  2. Enabling multicultural encounters, allowing for in-depth acquaintance with different cultures.
  3. Skill building, enabling social activism through positive experiences in planning and executing social projects.


  1. To enrich the volunteers’ knowledge, especially regarding social gaps and democratic values such as: equality, acceptance, tolerance, involvement and social responsibility.
  2. To examine identity issues of the individual and the group through encounters with different sectors.
  3. To enable encounters with different sectors of Israeli society and exposure to different views and opinions whilst reducing prejudices and stigmas.
  4. Participants will gain skills for promoting social action such as identifying needs, data collection from the field and developing critical and creative thinking, by participating in the planning and executing of a shared social project.
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