The Next Step Program

A youth program which aims to instill leadership and volunteering values,
to increase awareness of social issues
and to motivate towards participating in a meaningful post-high school volunteer-year program.

Program Components

The program works with high school students in their final three years of school and their teachers:

  • Grade 10-12 welfare boarding school students
  • Grade 10-12 students in Jewish and Arab high schools
  • Teachers, home room teachers and coordinators attending staff training

The participants experience 60 hours of voluntary work during the school year.

They learn the value of volunteering and creating social change.

The program develops practical and theoretical tools for social action and discourse and awakens social awareness.

  • Creates a foundation amongst young people in the periphery to participate in meaningful volunteer-year programs on completing high school.
  • During the program, they experience social action and come to understand its value in bringing about social and personal change.

Program Goals

  • To instill the value of volunteering and leadership as a tool for personal and social empowerment.
  • To develop social involvement and increase awareness of current social issues in Israel.
  • To strengthen society through caring and involved young adults.
  • To increase the number of students enrolling in meaningful post-high school volunteer-year programs.
  • Long term goal –young adults with leadership skills in the periphery who can climb up the socio-economic ladder.

.The program is supported by the Partnership of the Council of Children and Youth Organizations and the Jewish National Fund

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