Volunteering Together

The Volunteering Together program is a unique track where young Jews and Arabs volunteer together in formal and non-formal Jewish and Arab educational settings. During the program the young adults lead educational projects together and take part in in-depth binational discourse. The program is suitable for anyone who is interested in a unique open-hearted process.

Volunteering Together Program
The Volunteering Together program was set up jointly by Ma’ase, Bat Ami and the Municipality of Acre.

The program comprises 20 participants from different sectors of society: a group of Arab Muslim residents from Acre and a group of Jewish participants from other areas of the country, all living in Acre. Participants volunteer as a group and in pairs, in Acre schools and projects. Throughout the year, the group learns, through workshops and training, to appreciate each other, consolidate their own identities and create a foundation of shared values.
Volunteering and training together, the group fulfills a multicultural vision and is a role-model for the city's residents.

Project Goals

Main goal: Promoting social cohesion and strengthening society by creating multicultural groups of young adults volunteering in cities with multicultural populations. This creates a new model for social partnership within the local community.
Empowerment of the participants both individually and as a group.
Creating a multicultural working model for integration in the community.
Encouraging social activism through training and studies.
Experience in at least two community projects.

Target Population

Young adults participating in volunteer-year programs in Acre who show a special interest in working together with participants from a different sector.
8-10 young female Muslim adults from the Afak program, residents of Acre, who are participating in national-civic-service.
8-10 young Jewish adults from Garin Eitan, from the socio-economic periphery around the country, who are participating in the pre-army Nachal volunteer-year program and living in an apartment in Acre. Some are boarding school graduates and some are of Ethiopian origin.
The residents of Acre – children, youth and their families – from a range of cultural backgrounds – who will be exposed to and benefit from the voluntary activities of the Volunteering Together group.

The program is made possible through the Social Venture Fund for Jewish-Arab Equality and Shared Society and the Jewish Community Federation of San-Francisco.

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