We at Ma’ase believe that volunteering is a tool for socio-economic mobility and creating a civil society, a society that advances equal opportunities and democratic values of tolerance and involvement. Our aim is to bring about social change together with youngsters who are looking for opportunities to develop and become influential. These young adults come from all sectors of the social spectrum in Israel but especially from the socio-economic periphery: Jews, Arabs, Druze, secular, religious, Israelis and new immigrants.
Volunteering in Ma’ase gives the participants a tool for personal development and empowerment. Each year hundreds of young adults take part in Ma’ase programs by volunteering for a year after high school. They work in cities and towns all over the country, with thousands of children and youth both in formal and informal education. Ma’ase offers many ways to volunteer: volunteer-year programs, pre-army preparatory programs, national service, civil and private volunteer programs.

Our Educational Approach:

We demand personal effort and excellence from our youth, while giving them responsibility, personal and professional support and total faith in their ability to improve themselves and influence society.

All Ma’ase volunteering programs involve:

  1. Valued and meaningful volunteering in educational establishments – in order to improve educational and social achievements in the periphery.
  2. Learning processes and educational advancement to broaden the future horizons of these young adults.
  3. Leadership training: Personal empowerment and developed social awareness.
  4. Identity-building processes.
  5. Meeting people from Israel’s various cultures to promote Israel’s civil society.
Pre-Army Volunteer-Year Programs
National Civil Service/Private Volunteer-Year
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